Olga Szwajgier

“This marvelous Polish singer pushed the audience back into their seats with her incredible voice” -Karol A. Thunader    Sweden  -  Kvalls Posten

“The voice and stage miracle” -Fritz Röster   Germany  -  Kultur Dresden

“Olga Szwajgier with her extreme vocal technique (from a birds’ twitter to incredible vocal effects), extraordinary high vocal diapason, her performance invention, theatrical abilities and specific humor is an excellent, uncomparable performer of the new music.” Mieczysława Hanuszewska Poland - Życie Literackie

“Olga Szwajgier is an artist from top to toe. /.../ She connects wonderful talent with confidence and brilliant technique. The stage seems to be her natural living space. What voltage! She is able to go so high that it seems impossible. She can do it! It is phenomenal” XI Musik - Biennale - Berlin 1987 Germany

“Olga Szwajgier has surprised the listeners by the unbelievable register of her tones and murmurs, which she has mastered perfectly. /.../ The audience was astonished with quite unknown, unusual sounds”. M.E. Brockhoff M.Z. Münster