Olga Szwajgier, world class soprano and originator of the unique voice compass widening method, has extended her own voice range from four to six octaves and can sing to the limits of hearing. In addition to being a Distinguished Lecturer at the Ludwik Solski State School of Drama in Cracow, Poland, Mrs. Szwajgier is the creator of the “Laboratory of Voice Training”.

Her distinguished artistic career spans several hundred world and Polish premiers and includes works by Ives, Stockhausen, Risset, Penderecki, Stachowski, Luciuk, Lutosławski. Since 1976, Mrs. Szwajgier has performed at all the major festivals of contemporary music in Poland, Italy, France, Greece, Germany, South Korea , Lithuania, Ukraine, Mexico, China and Israel.

In 1991, Mrs. Szwajgier was the only artist from Poland and Central Europe to perform at the special gala to commemorate the Centary of Carnegie Hall in New York, the U.S.A.

Since 1981, she is a member of the International Artistic Society “Muzyka Centrum”.

In 1989 she founded the artistic formation: Olga Szwajgier’s Quartet.

In addition to composing her own music and writing texts filled with deeply humanistic premise, she also directs her own performances.

Szwajgier, demiurge of intellectual and situational, ironic and sardonic, bitter and unpretentious humor, forms a special suspense between performers and the audience.

Olga Szwajgier is an extraordinary person not only when being on a stage but also when she pleads natural environment, stigmatizing destructive power of the human race. ... appears in movie... ... or when she gives a great ball for artistic circle.